First of all I’d like to thank my parents, who supported me all the way of my life.
They let me learn the instruments I wanted to learn and drove me to many gigs.

The next ones I wanna thank is a sibpair. The brother gave me the chance to explore my guitar sound.
The sister showed me to find my (music-) soul again.

The jazz teacher is the next one I’d like to thank.
He showed me how to improvise and let me think about to learn an accord-instrument.
So here I am now, because of you 😉

Also I thank my best girl friend, who gave me feedback all my musical path.

There’s another best friend I’d like to thank. She’s a deep dude and I’m really glad that I met her.
Thanks for being there in good and bad times.

Those I forgot to thank. THANK YOU!

Now get the hell out of here! 😉