New project on the run!

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends,

this week I started working on a new project, which will be secret until August.
The first lyrics are done, but have to re-written, because of new informations about it *G*
The close fans hopefully know, what I’m writing about.
If you don’t understand my gibberish, just send me an e-mail 😉
The style isn’t set yet, but it’ll be softer than usual. (Like 2 years ago.)
Did you now get the point?

Nevertheless, it’ll be hard an exhausting. But as always it’ll be fun.
In addition I’ll keep on working on the RAMMSTEIN project.

And if you’re bored just check out my youtube channel (LINKS).
Because you can find there a guitar cover of Nickelback’s “leader of men”.

Have fun and a great weekend so far 😉