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Regular download for “together”

Hey there CAW-Project fans and friends, here’s the link for the regular download of the song. “together” stay tuned 😉 Chris CAW-Project

“together we fight…” available for download NOW!

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends, my new single “together” will be available with digital booklet until the upcoming sunday. Thanks to all my pre-listeners 🙂 stay tuned 😉 Chris CAW-Project

Time OUT!

Hello there CAW-Project fans & friends, my Project is on hold. But I won’t be lazy. I’ll still work on various things. I even think of to finish a project I started 12 years ago. Have a nice week and stay tuned for more updates 😉 Chris CAW-Project

A new beginning…

Hey there CAW-Project fans, important news are the topic today. First of all, my album “december child” won’t be released! Reasons are that this is my old me and I learned a lot during this time. BUT there’ll be new stuff coming out this year ONLINE! (As always!) The newest song will be called “CAN’T…

Daily life and other things

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends, I know I told you about “somethin’ heavy goin’ on”, but this project has been put on ice, because of several issues. But this month I’ll move into my new appartment. That means for you that there’ll be something new this winter. I don’t know what it’ll be. Maybe…

There is something HEAVY goin’ on!

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends, since last week I’m back on working on the RAMMSTEIN-Project. It’s called like that, ’cause the sound and the lyrics are like the band. I don’t know when I’ll definitely produce it, but I hope it’ll be autumn/fall this year. stay tuned 😉 Chris CAW-Project

“crossroad” ONLINE!

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends, my new song “crossroad” is NOW online for you. As always you can download it til I’ll upload a new song 😉 Crossroad with musical regards Chris CAW-Project

1 week until CROSSROAD will be online!

Hi CAW-Project fans & friends, next Sunday I’ll upload my new song “crossroad”. This song is dedicated to two bridal couples I know. I hope they’ll like it. stay tuned 😉 Chris CAW-Project


Hi CAW-Project fans & friends, the mix for my new song, which will be called “crossroad”, is done! I’ll upload the song for you all on June 3rd. Have a nice week 😉 Chris CAW-Project

Back on, what I can do best. Doing MUSIC!

Hey CAW-Project fans & friends, since today I got my equipment, which I need to produce the secret project. Today I played with the chords and sounds of my synthesizer. The upcoming days will be fun 😉 Stay tuned 🙂 Chris CAW-Project