Month: August 2015

“Nachtgeflüster/whispers in the night” available for download!

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends, now you can download the EP of “whispers in the night”, which includes the german and the english version of it with cover-art. Enjoy the listening experience… Download: “whispers in the night” Stay crazy 😉 Chris CAW-Project

Release-date “Nachtgeflüster/whispers in the night”

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends, on August 22nd you can download the english german pack of “Nachtgeflüster/whispers in the night”. And to top this news I allready wrote a new piece and allready translated it. Be prepared for more or less ^^ Stay crazy 😉 Chris CAW-Project

“Nachtgeflüster/whispers in the night”

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends, today I wrote a new piece for my audio-book. Again there’ll be an English and a German version of it. This weekend I’m going to start to record the German version. And soon there’ll be  a YT-video of “restless soul” too. I’m really full of ideas at the moment. So…

“restless soul” ONLINE!

Hey there CAW-Project friends & fans, here’s my new project “restless soul” for you in German & English. I’m planning to continue more episodes like this soon, but first I’d do 2 YouTube videos for you of both versions. stay tuned 😉 Chris CAW-Project