“Nachtgeflüster/whispers in the night” available for download!

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends, now you can download the EP of “whispers in the night”, which includes the german and the english version of it with cover-art. Enjoy the listening experience… Download: “whispers in the night” Stay crazy 😉 Chris CAW-Project

Release-date “Nachtgeflüster/whispers in the night”

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends, on August 22nd you can download the english german pack of “Nachtgeflüster/whispers in the night”. And to top this news I allready wrote a new piece and allready translated it. Be prepared for more or less ^^ Stay crazy 😉 Chris CAW-Project

“Nachtgeflüster/whispers in the night”

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends, today I wrote a new piece for my audio-book. Again there’ll be an English and a German version of it. This weekend I’m going to start to record the German version. And soon there’ll be  a YT-video of “restless soul” too. I’m really full of ideas at the moment. So…

“restless soul” ONLINE!

Hey there CAW-Project friends & fans, here’s my new project “restless soul” for you in German & English. I’m planning to continue more episodes like this soon, but first I’d do 2 YouTube videos for you of both versions. stay tuned 😉 Chris CAW-Project

Something new & DIFFERENT…

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends, at the moment I’m at the german pre-listening stage of “Rastlose Seele” (restless soul). So far I received positive response. Because of that I’ll translate it into english and do an english version too. So stay tuned 😉 Chris CAW-Project

Mal was deutsches (for German fans & friends only)!

Hi CAW-Project Freunde & Fans, gestern hab ich etwas neues geschrieben. Es wird nur diesmal kein Lied werden. Diesmal gibt es eine Kurzgeschichte mit Hintergrundmusik. Bin mal gespannt, wie euch das gefällt! Bis bald Chris CAW-Project

Childish news!?

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends, my new song won’t be released, but I started working on the song for my godson today. Have a great month and stay tuned 😉 Chris CAW-Project

A new song is comming…

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends, last year I promised to make a song for my god-son. This week I started the production. It should be a children’s song, but also with a typical me. We’ll see how far it goes. The most interesting part will be that there’ll be a version in english &…

An EP is comming!

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends, soon I’ll announce when my first official EP is going to be released. so stay tuned 😉 Chris CAW-Project

“blindness” ONLINE NOW!

Hey there CAW-Project fans & friends, my collaboration with SDH is finished and online for you! Thank you Sabrina for doing this with me You can download the “blindness” EP here! stay tuned 😉 Chris CAW-Project